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Foresight Psychology is a Sydney psychologist treatment and training practice dedicated to supportive, effective, and passionate psychological care. We offer individual, family, and relationship counselling for a range of adult and adolescent presentations. We are committed to ongoing professional development and utilize evidence-based treatments (including Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Acceptance & Commitment Therapy, Dialectical Behaviour Therapy, Schema Therapy, Trauma-Informed Care, and Psychodynamic Psychotherapies). We believe in taking time to really understand a client’s experience before finding the right fit in terms of support and treatment. As a supervision and training practice, Dr. Erika Penney also offers board-approved supervision to provisional and registrar psychologists. 

Our commitment to excellence

Dr. Erika Penney and all Foresight therapists are post-graduate trained Clinical Psychologists (or Psychologists) registered with AHPRA (Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency). As such, their qualifications meet the criteria established by the Psychology Board of Australia for registration (and where applicable endorsement in Clinical Psychology). To uphold this standard, a minimum of 30 hours of ongoing professional development is completed every year, as well as ongoing engagement in clinical supervision with highly experienced members of the profession.

Appointment Information

After-hours appointments: We have appointments from 9am on Monday and Wednesday, and 11am-7pm Monday to Friday.

Medicare: Clients who have a Mental Health Care Plan and a Referral from their GP are eligible for a rebate of between $84.50 and $124.50 from their sessions.

Waitlist: We aim to keep our waitlists down so that you can access support within a few weeks of calling our practice.

How to find us

Foresight is conveniently located in Ultimo, close to central station and the University of Technology Sydney (UTS). We are close to trains and buses and there is metered 1hr and 2hr parking in the surrounding streets. Entry is via the grey building on Harris street, and once on level 5 you will be able to check in with the friendly reception staff. Address: Level 5, 616 Harris Street, Ultimo, 2007. See: Map

Our Therapists

Erika Penney WebsiteDr. Erika Penney | Principal Clinical Psychologist is passionate about providing a warm, safe, and effective environment for adults and adolescents to explore their difficulties, affect positive change, and empower clients to find meaning, purpose, and direction in their lives. Erika has experience working with adults and adolescents in a range of hospital, clinical, and community settings. Erika works with a range of presentations including anxiety disorders, phobias, PTSD, stress, depression, complex trauma, self-harm, emotion dysregulation, and with individuals adjusting to new life circumstances, including grief, role transitions, and stressful life circumstances. Erika has particular interests in treating Anxiety Disorders and Personality Disorders, and currently works part-time at a private hospital providing Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) for individuals with Borderline Personality Disorder. 

Erika studied at the University of Sydney and is a member of the Australian Clinical Psychology Association (ACPA) and Australian Psychological Society (APS). In addition to her clinical work, Erika is an active member of ACPA, sits on various ACPA committees, and teaches post-graduate classes at a number of leading universities and private learning institutions in Sydney. She has prepared research material for national and international psychology conferences, and has published original research in peer-reviewed academic journals in the areas of health psychology and anxiety. Erika also offers Board-Approved Supervision, including for, Provisional Psychologists, Clinical Psychology Registrar Supervision, and Early-Career Psychologists and Counsellors. 

To find out more about our practice or book an appointment, please contact us at (02) 8960 1759 or info@foresightpsychology.com

Morag WebsiteMorag Paterson | Senior Counselling Psychologist is a warm and understanding counselling psychologist who is passionate about helping people to overcome their problems and achieve their goals. She has over 15 years’ experience of working therapeutically with individuals and groups. She has significant experience in the treatment of depression and anxiety including social anxiety, panic attacks, obsessive compulsive disorder, generalised anxiety, phobias and post-traumatic stress. Morag has worked in the specialist fields of Addictions and Eating Disorders. She is also experienced in the treatment of work stress, relationship problems, anger, self-harm, low self-esteem, chronic pain, chronic fatigue syndrome, bereavement and as well as other emotional difficulties. 

Morag studied at University of Roehampton, London where she attained a Masters in Counselling Psychology. She has worked as a manager in Psychological Services for 8 years where she has supervised and led teams of Psychologists. She has worked in a range of public and private health settings. 

Morag adopts a therapeutic approach to suit the needs of the client. She uses the following therapies: Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Schema Focused Therapy, and Dialectical Behavioural Therapy. Morag is a person-centred practitioner who strives to provide a safe and non-judgmental environment to empower clients to develop, grow, and move forward in their lives.

To find out more about our practice or book an appointment, please contact us at (02) 8960 1759 or info@foresightpsychology.com

Amy Website2 Amy Burton | Clinical Psychologist Registrar  is a friendly and warm psychologist who is dedicated to providing the best evidence-based psychological care to adults, adolescents, children and families of all backgrounds. Amy works with clients to create a safe and comfortable environment, where clients feel heard, supported and motivated to address their concerns and meet their personal goals for therapy. Amy has experience working with a range of presentations including anxiety disorders, OCD, depressive disorders, eating disorders, self-harm, emotional regulation, childhood behavioural problems, family functioning, and life stress. She has worked with families, groups and individuals across different clinical settings including community mental health, university, and hospital settings. Amy has a particular interest in working with anxiety disorders and eating disorders with both young people and adults.

In addition to her clinical work, Amy is also completing a PhD in clinical psychology at the University of Sydney. Her thesis is focused on assessing cognitions that maintain binge eating in individuals with eating disorders. Amy has presented her research at national and international conferences, and has published work in peer-reviewed academic journals.

To find out more about our practice or book an appointment, please contact us at (02) 8960 1759 or info@foresightpsychology.com

IMG_2957 2Dr. Ulli Rosenkoetter | Clinical Psychology Registrar aspires to create a therapeutic space where everyone can experience respect, safety, and kindness. Her past experience includes working with children, families, and adults in private practice, hospital, and community services. She has helped clients who experienced difficulties with low mood, anxiety, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), adjustment issues, OCD, somatoform disorders, drug and alcohol use, and other challenges. Ulli has trained in various therapeutic modalities at the University of Sydney and the University of Hamburg, Germany. Ulli’s focus in therapy is on a shared understanding of current difficulties, their meaning for the past, the present and the future, and on together finding ways to recalibrate life and feel content again.

To find out more about our practice or book an appointment, please contact us at (02) 8960 1759 or info@foresightpsychology.com

robyn_mansfieldDr. Robyn Mansfield | Clinical Psychology Registrar (commencing in March 2018) is a caring and considered psychologist with a warm manner and thoughtful approach to understanding each person's circumstances. She works with adults, adolescents, and families experiencing a diverse range of psychological and personal challenges. Robyn has a particular interest in helping people experiencing anxiety, depression, grief, stress, changes in life circumstances, social anxiety, complex past experiences, and trauma. She has worked in public health settings, both inpatient and outpatient, as well as in university psychology clinics. She has an extensive background in research, and incorporates evidence-based techniques in treatment, including Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Schema Therapy, and Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT). Robyn regularly attends workshops, seminars, and conferences to ensure familiarity with the most up to date and helpful strategies. 

To find out more about our practice or book an appointment, please contact us at (02) 8960 1759 or info@foresightpsychology.com

Headshot MFitzpatrick 2Dr. Michael Fitzpatrick | Clinical Psychology Registrar is a friendly and empathic psychologist who is passionate about providing evidenced based practice for adults across the lifespan. He places significant emphasis on building a safe, non-judgemental, and trusting relationship with his clients to develop a shared understanding of the current and past factors that underpin and maintain their difficulties. He is trained in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) but maintains a strong interest in drawing on other therapeutic modalities such as Attachment Theory, Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), and Schema Therapy in providing client-centred care.

Michael has experience in both inpatient and outpatient hospital settings working with clients experiencing a range of difficulties including anxiety, low mood, OCD, PTSD, eating disorders, and other long-standing problems. He also has specific experience helping promote healthy ageing and improved quality of life for older adults at risk of cognitive decline.

Michael completed his PhD in cognitive psychology at the MARCS research institute at Western Sydney University before completing his Master of Clinical Psychology at the University of Sydney. In addition to working in private practice Michael is also working as a psychologist on a clinical trial aimed at helping older adults adjust to a diagnosis of dementia. 

To find out more about our practice or book an appointment, please contact us at (02) 8960 1759 or info@foresightpsychology.com

Andreea website Andreea Heriseanu | Clinical Psychologist Registrar (Currently On Maternity Leave) is an empathic and friendly therapist who is committed to providing effective psychological treatment to children, adolescents, adults, and families. Andreea's experience spans a range of hospital and community health settings, where she has worked with anxiety and depressive disorders, self-harm, family functioning difficulties, chronic health conditions, and neurological impairment. Andreea has a particular interest in co-occurring mental and physical health concerns, eating and weight difficulties, anxiety and depression.

In addition to her clinical work, Andreea is completing a PhD in Clinical Psychology at the University of Sydney. Her research is targeting eating patterns and thinking skills in obesity. Andreea has presented her research at national and international conferences and is a published author.

To find out more about our practice or book an appointment, please contact us at (02) 8960 1759 or info@foresightpsychology.com

FullSizeRKate Higson | Administration and Intake Officer is a warm and friendly member of the Foresight team. She takes intake and admin calls and is passionate about helping clients to find the right therapist for their particular difficulties and personality style. Kate has many years experience working with psychology practices, and we are lucky to have her share her experience and warmth. Kate is available by phone between 10am - 4pm Monday to Friday. 

To find out more about our practice or book an appointment, please contact us at (02) 8960 1759 or info@foresightpsychology.com