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The Facts in Australia:

  • 1 in 4 suffer from a mental disorder
  • 34% identify workplace stress
  • Only 50% report having an employer who supports mental health
  • Absenteeism, reduced productivity, and workers compensation costs $11 billion/year

Improve workplace wellness with one of our programs

Corporate Workshops

Our innovative, interactive (and dare we say, fun!) workshops provide evidence-based strategies that you and your staff can feel confident to start using straight away. It’s a no-nonsense (no-boring bits) approach to employee wellness skills. Corporate wellness programs can help to improve brand image, performance, fulfillment, and team cohesion, as well as reduce turnover and health-related costs (such as absenteeism, injury claims, and extended sick leave).

We offer a range of group programs including:

  • Learning Fundamental Wellness Skills
  • Creating A Mindful Workday
  • Stress Management and Productivity
  • Team Building 

According to Creating a Mentally Healthy Workplace, every $1 invested in Australian employee wellness programs can yield an average of $2.3 ROI and savings through reduced sick days, higher productivity, and decreased health costs.

Tailored Programs & Speaking events

Need a more tailored program? Or need a speaker for your next event? We offer tailor-made programs, clinics, workshops, development days, and team-building events to suit the uniqueness of your workplace. Dr. Erika Penney also speaks at conferences and training days for workplaces or professional associations.

Examples of tailored programs:

  • Comprehensive workplace assessment and a guide for improving wellbeing, cohesion, productivity, or other barriers specific to your workplace
  • Weekly or monthly programs for staff (e.g., mindfulness groups)
  • Conference or speaking events
  • Guest lectures 

Individual Coaching

We offer effective 1:1 coaching programs to help individuals develop essential health and wellness skills.

Wellness coaching can help you to:

  • Increase resilience and stress-management skills
  • Improve productivity and performance
  • Improve performance and speaking anxiety
  • Improve communication or leadership skills
  • Improve work-life balance
  • Reach health goals (e.g., increase exercise, healthy eating, or healthy habits)

Who is Dr. Erika Penney?

Erika is a Psychologist, Wellness Consultant, and founder of Foresight. She is passionate about building resilience, wellbeing, and mental health prevention skills for her corporate clients. She studied at the University of Sydney and has worked with a number of professional associations, NGO’s, and corporate clients in the prevention of workplace stress and burnout. In addition to her workplace coaching work, Erika teaches at a number of universities and private institutions across Sydney. She has prepared research material for national and international conferences, and has published original research in academic journals in the areas of health psychology and anxiety.

To request a speaker kit, or for an obligation free consultation with a Foresight Wellness Consultant, contact us at (02) 8960 1759 or info@foresightpsychology.com